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Second generation lipstick raincoat

Date:2020-07-11 10:09Popularity:

Second generation lipstick raincoat

Fast film formation, insoluble to lipstick, does not affect the makeup effect


Function: protect and fix the color of  lipstick, waterproof, will not take off makeup, will not fade, will not contaminate the cup, will not get dizzy,  open an invisible "protective umbrella" for the lip
Features: rapid film formation in 5 seconds; Semi-transparent texture, protect the color of lipstick;
No alcohol, no fragrance, no pigment, no hormone, no mineral oil, no heavy metal, no fluorescent agent, applicable for pregnant women;
Only oil absorption, will not take away water;
Use baby grade sterile silica gel brush head, dosage control without backward to avoid pollution

How to use

Apply lipstick and let it blend into your labial muscles

2. Rotate the product clockwise to the size of about a grain of rice and evenly apply the covered lipstick

3. After the product forms a film for 5 seconds, dry it with paper towel

4. When removing makeup, remove it with makeup remover