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Rose bright soft mask

Date:2020-06-10 12:01Popularity:

Rose bright soft mask

There is no water to form a mask, resulting in elastic girl muscle


Efficacy: protect skin protein, resist skin aging, nourish and repair, improve roughness, refine pores, moisturize and brighten skin, restore skin elasticity, strengthen self defense and resist pathogens

1, no need to add water, direct mixing, seamless fitting water more lock water;
1 soft film =5 ordinary masks

2, the high concentration of the rose will not dry nutrient solution, no matter how long the application, will not appear dry and inverted absorption of the situation

Specification: rose bright water light soft film 50 g * 5

Plant amino-acid powder 3 g * 5


Directions for use

1. After cleansing, pour 1 cup of plant amino acid powder into 1 cup of rose luster soft film and stir it quickly and thoroughly (1-2 minutes is recommended);

2. Evenly apply the rapidly stirred soft film onto the skin of the face. It is recommended to apply evenly from bottom to top in the flat position.(note: the stirring time of the soft film should not be too long. If the stirring time is too long, the soft film will flocculate and cannot be evenly applied to the face.)

3. After applying the soft film to the face for 15-20 minutes, it can be removed.