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DIY personalized shampoo

Date:2020-09-05 14:49Popularity:
Are you suffering from the difficulty to find a suitable shampoo? Here comes the solution: 
There are five items in our DIY shampoo
No.1 Amino acid shampoo for oilly hair
No.2 Amino acid shampoo for dry hair 
No.3 Hair serum for oil control and anti-dandruff
No.4 Hair serum for hair growth
No.5 Hair serum for nourishing
First you choose a suitable shampoo form No.1 and No.2, or just combine No. 1 and No. 2;
Then you choose one, two or three items from No.3, No.4, and No. 5 to combine with your former shampoo according to your desire. 
The combitation quantity of each item is totally up to you. Seeing the mumerous choices, we believe you will find a suitable one for your hair for sure.
Enjoy the fun of DIY, enjoy the most suitable shampoo for your hair!
Don't want to spend so much time and money? Simply try No.1 or No.2 alone as a normal shampoo, which is good enough too.
Amino acid shampoo+hair serum make a personalized shampoo by yourself.