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How to clean makeup brush?

release time:2020-07-26 15:36Popularity:
It's for sure that every female friends who likes makeup has the tool, makeup brush. After using for some time, brushing will be stuck a lot of dust or mixed a variety of cosmetics together, so that we have to clean it. How to clean makeup brush? Here are some tips of cleaning makeup brushes.
If the brushing is not very dirty, you can rinse it directly with water. If you can not get it clean with water, you may try:
1. Pour some water into a small basin, add some makeup brush cleanser into the water, put brushing into the water and stir it toward one direction, after a while rinse the brushing with clear water. Repeat until the brushing is colorless.
2. Soak the brushing with makeup remover, stroke the brushing from bottom to head with fingers, rinse the brushing with clear water. Repeat  until the brushing is colorless.
3. Soak the brushing with water untill it's totally wet, make rich foam with cleanser in one palm, brush back and forth in the palm, rinse the brushing with clear water. Repeat until the brushing is colorless.
Do's and don 'ts of cleaning makeup brushes
1. Keep the handle dry during cleaning to prevent the water from entering the gap of the handle and causing mildew.
2. Do not wash too hard, do not rub the brushing.
3. After washing, put the brushing on paper towel, wrap it up with cotton towel and press it to dry it as far as possible.
4. When drying the brushing, make sure it face down, otherwise the water will flow back to make the brush rod and metal place degumming. 
5. Dry it naturally, do not blow with hair dryer or fan.
Now you should know how to give your makeup brush a bath, shouldn't you? We recommend to clean your makeup brush every one month or two, the more clean the brush is, the more beautifuly it will make you.

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