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New Product Good Night Sleep Mask

release time:2020-08-15 20:10Popularity:
Good Night!Greeting from Yuanze
Life is fast pace, high pressure in modern society, people feel tired; don’t know when "good night" has become a luxury demand. With air pollution, enhanced UV rays and blue light from electronics, our skin also faces huge challenges, including dryness, allergies, fine lines, sagging skin and enlarged pores; our skin is also difficult to sleep.
Yuanze's new product: sleep mask solution says "good night" to your skin.
Anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging firming; A mask that can replace night cream

Core ingredient:
Chamomile (permanent flower) extract, anti-sensitive and soothing specifically for sensitive skins;

Selected functional ingredients:
Natural fermentation filtrate - bifid yeast regulates skin immunity; Green caviar - sea grape extract, effective repair of damaged skin; Potent moisturizing agent -PatcH2O, with moisturizing power of up to 5 days; Natural moisturizing factor - aloe leaves original juice, moisturizing and anti - inflammatory sterilization

Sealed portable packaging:
Portable independent packaging, lock nutrition; Mask + night cream in one step, necessary for travel;

After cleansing, apply a thin layer evenly to your face (avoid your eye area), no need to wash. 2 to 3 times a week.
After using 3 boxes persistently, the moisture content increased by 80%; Compactness increased by 65.5%; Brightness increased by 38.27%

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