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20 years of intensive cultivation in the cosmetics industry, Yuanze provides one-stop solution OEM and ODM service. Our advantages are: Complete range of cosmetics products, more than 5000 mature formula option. Package plants of our own, large raw material warehouse, own laboratory, automatic production line, guarantee the fast production. International management certificates, modern equipment, famous brand of raw materials, first-class professional team, guarantee the good quality. From product research and development to marketing planning, from raw materials to packaging one-stop service, save your time and money.

  • Free package designFree package design

  • Free formula designFree formula design

  • Free market analysisFree market analysis

  • Free product planFree product plan

  • Free marketing planFree marketing plan

  • Free sampleFree sample

  • Assist brand registerAssist brand register

Yuanze Chose Them

The quality and safety of raw materials determine the quality of the final product. Yuanze selects world-renowned raw material manufacturers to ensure the safety and efficiency of products from the source.

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